2018 Photo Contest, People, Stories, 2nd prize

Finding Freedom in the Water


Anna Boyiazis

19 October, 2016

Swimming instructor Kazija (22) teaches students from the Kijini Primary School to float, in the Indian Ocean, off Muyuni Beach, Zanzibar.

Traditionally, girls in the Zanzibar Archipelago are discouraged from learning how to swim, largely because of the strictures of a conservative Islamic culture and the absence of modest swimwear. But in villages on the northern tip of Zanzibar, the Panje Project (panje translates as ‘big fish’) is providing opportunities for local women and girls to learn swimming skills in full-length swimsuits, so that they can enter the water without compromising their cultural or religious beliefs.


Anna Boyiazis

Her areas of focus include human rights, public health, and women's and girls’ issues. Through her work, she aims to elicit compassion and bring our shared humanity to the fore. ...

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