Christmas photo book market at the World Press Photo House

14 December 2019 to  15 December 2019
World Press Photo House, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

World Press Photo House
Photo book market

World Press Photo House

Buy a photo book for the holidays, meet visual storytellers and experts, and relax with a hot chocolate.

From 14-15 December, the World Press Photo House will be home to a special photo book market, photographer presentations and an exhibition by Henk Wildschut & Robin Uleman.

The large selection of books in the PhotoQ Bookshop will be doubled for the occasion. Dozens of photographers will talk about their books during both afternoons and look back on their favorite books from the past year.

The photo book market, exhibition and photographer talks are free to enter. You can buy your tickets for the breakfast talk with Cristina De Middel here. Tickets cost 25 euros and give you access to the exclusive talk and a special breakfast.


World Press Photo House
Haarlemmerweg 4
1014 BE, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Time and date

12:00 - 18:00
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December 2019

Saturday program

Christmas photo book market

Rooted in Dialogue exhibition

Artist conversations:

13.00 Elspeth Diederix, photographer, and Hans Gremmen, graphic designer, on: When red disappears

13.30  Apituley en De Schepper, on photography magazine EDITION #1 ‘IN GOEDE AARDE VALLEN’

13.45 Dana Lixenberg, photographer, on: Tupac Biggie

14.00  Jeroen Toirkens, photographer, on: Borealis project

14.30 Claartje Wesselink, art historian, on: ‘Memory Is the Only Paradise’ – Photographs from a Jewish Family Archive

14.45 Mattie Boom, conservator photography Rijksmuseum, on: Everyone a photographer

15.00 Arjan de Nooy, photographer, on: 99:1

15.30 Rianne van Dijk, author/editor, on: The Color Archive of Louis Paridon

15.45 Gerco de Ruijter, photographer, on: Grid Corrections

16.00 Rob Hornstra, photographer, on his upcoming project Europeans and his list of best photo books of 2019

16.30 Marco Duyvendijk, photographer, on: Valetudo

Sunday program

Christmas photo book market

Rooted in Dialogue exhibition

Artist conversations:

13.15 Narda van 't Veer, owner UNIT agency and book collector, on her favorite books of 2019

13.30 Karianne Bueno, photographer, on: Doug’s Cabin

13.45 Bastiaan Woodt, photographer, on: Amsterdam Portraits and Hidden

14.00 Paul Cupido, photographer, on Continuum, Éphémère, & Amazonia

14.30 Hans Roseboom, conservator photography Rijksmuseum on: Lichtjaren - an history of Photography

14.45 Nick Bick, photgrapher, on: Parliaments of the European Union

15.00 Ilvy Njiokiktjien, photographer, on: Born Free. Mandela's Generation of Hope.

15.30 Isabella Rozendaal, photographer, on: Isabella Hunts

15.45 Leo Divendal, photographer, on: Moutarde 8 - Vuile seule

16.00 Scheltens&Abbenes, photographers, and Esther de Vries, graphic designer, on: ZEEN

Image credit: Maarten Nauw